7. Februar 2016
Excursion destinations in the proximity of Trier
7. Februar 2016

The Electricity is also switched on with the card. At the Electricity columns that are distributed on the pitch, you can pick a current space. On the front panel there are buttons to each connector are assigned. Simply press the corresponding button and place your Card in front of the „Camp Card“ field until you hear a unique beeping sound. There is now 1, – € booked on the selected area.

If you would like to book even more money, just simply hold the card in front of the field again. There will be again 1, – € deducted from the card.

Book back the Remaining money:

Money that you have not used up, you can book back on the Card. At first, please press the Button with the words „Money Back on Card“ located under the Center of the square buttons, then press your Space button and hold the Card in front of the „Camp Card“ field until it beeps once. You have now posted back the remaining money and it can be deducted from the fee at the end.

On the Electricity Colums there are red and green LEDs.

Green means the Booking is possible. Electricity is available, it can be booked.

Red means: Booking is not possible. The Electricity place is taken, when there is no plug in this place, you can use that space.

At 0.00, – €, the LED will turn green and you can book it again.

If there are any errors please pull the flap underneath the lid forward. Here is the fuse for the power supply that you can turn on again in case of failure.

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